Business Security

Security advice for companies:

Combating fraud and embezzlement in your company

Companies affected by white-collar crime often face two problems. In addition to the financial damage caused by fraud or embezzlement, the company's image is also at risk as soon as the incident becomes public. Private Investigator therefore guarantees you absolute discretion in all activities that we carry out for you as part of our investigations.

Private Investigator will help you in the event of fraud or embezzlement - both small and large - and ensure that it is cleared up.


investment fraud

loan fraud



In the area of protection of confidential information:

1. Assess the current situation in your company to identify information security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities;

2. Prepare necessary documents to regulate the protection of confidential information.

3. To instruct employees who will be entitled to work with company confidential information;

5. To train a company employee responsible for protection of confidential information;

I suggest that you obtain internal company documents necessary to ensure the security of your confidential information.

You will benefit because with a minimal investment you will be able to recover the damage you have suffered as a result of leaking or misappropriating your business confidential information. The judge will see that the company has internal rules and its employees follow them. The perpetrator will have no chance of escaping liability.

Company internal documents:

Procedures for ensuring the protection of company confidential information;

List of company confidential information;

A commitment to keep company confidential information;

Declaration of public and private interests;

Other documents as required (physical security procedures, computer procedures, administrative rules, staff screening procedures, etc.)

If you do not find the service you require , we recommend that you send us your inquiry and we will individually consult and offer our professional assistance.

During the consultation, we will not only answer any questions you may have and provide you with relevant information, but by assessing the nature of the service, you will find out if a private detective can help you.