Private Investigator

18 Years Experience 

We successfully provide private detective, advisory and investigative services to individuals and legal entities to help your realize their rights and legitimate interests in the most challenging situations in London, other cities across the country.

Our main goal is to help our clients better protect their individual rights or legitimate interests, thus achieving their desired goals more effectively.


Your reliable investigator

at every step

So if you are looking for truly exceptional qualifications and competencies, as well as a personal relationship and focus not just on the legal details of the case, but also on your personal expectations, if you want your own private investigator, not just one of many clients working assistant and often not delivered to you - we are at your service.

We build relationships with our customers based on trust, cooperation, and mutual respect. We are always open to communication. Openness to us also means that when we communicate, we always focus on the issues that matter to you and never look at the clock, and we always respond promptly to your anxious short questions by phone or email without having to turn on the meter.


Detecting eavesdropping on large companies, corporations. International fraud detection. Identifying the debtor's place of residence and identity as you have changed your name and country. Numerous examples of espionage and fraud. Theft Research. We find the missing people.